Welcome Message

Welcome to M’ELI-A Délices Grecques.

The name MELIA is a combination of two Greek words, MELI which means honey and ELIA which means olive.

After fifteen years of working in international business administration and living in four different European countries, I decided to completely turn my life around. I wanted to work with something more natural to me and chose to share my culture through Greek food products.

evia greece
Photo of my birthplace on the island of Evia

This is giving me the opportunity to feel a bit closer to my homeland and at the same time to promote some of Greece’s natural treasures. Hence, it is with special care and utmost respect to my country and its traditions that I opened a shop with best quality products Greece can offer, right here in Geneva.

In our relaxing and cosy atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to discover and savour our products and experience first-hand the healthy Mediterranean way of eating.

In our shop you will find a wide selection of high quality greek products such as, a variety of olive oils, honey, olives, gourmet products, delicious internationally renowned Greek wines and our traditional mastic-based products. Μastic is obtained from the resin of the mastic tree, which thrives only on the island of Chios, located in the northern Aegean Sea, and is known for its virtues since ancient times.

I am looking forward to welcome and guide you during your MELIA Délices Grecques experience.

Yours Sincerely

Kyriaki Sarlani